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Derek A. Ramel has been one of the driving forces to advance our sport since the mid-80s.

Respected as a master of creativity & sport logic and is one of the earliest ICCA contributors as an instructor, speaker and board member.

Judged past ICCA Championships, UDA & NCA Nationals and served as the inaugural Head Official at the first IHSA State Finals.

Mentored the most decorated coaches and championship programs in the history of the IHSA & ICCA.

Late 80s…
Coached Romeoville to become Illinois' first Large Varsity National Grand Champion (1987 & 1988) - laying the foundation of the intricate & fast-paced style we still enjoy today.

Developed our state's first successful competitive coed programs and provided the first professional choreography service in Illinois.

The 90's…
Coached Illinois' most successful collegiate program -- Northern Illinois Univ. -- the only Division 1A Finalist to place in the top ranks at both UCA/NCA in the same season, the first "standing full" at UCA Nationals (ESPN) and 10 National Partner Stunt Finalist couples.

Established the educational company SuperCDA for progressive leadership in building Illinois' potential.

Created the first-ever short-season concept Super All Stars — first of its kind to win a major national title.

Presented the first detailed rubrics and transparent scoring in our state.
Advocate of finite math solutions to help legitimize our sport.

Since the late 90s…
Mentored all the noteworthy collegiate programs of the Midwest —first appearances at Nationals and highest rankings in school's history — Purdue, U of I, Mich. St., Iowa, Wisconsin, N’wstrn, Notre Dame, Illinois St., UIC, SIU, Lewis, UWEC, Minn-Mankato and more…

Early ‘00s
Introduced the first head-to-head competitive cheer format now known as STUNT/Acrobatics & Tumbling. Illinois teams were the first to compete this at SUPER Camps.

Originated the first live broadcast commentaries of the IHSA State Finals (2012-2017).

A pioneer who has influenced many from this state to launch their own success as coaches, officials, choreographers, conference speakers, gym owners and coordinators at the Olympic level.

Recently, Derek opened the SuperCDA Athletics facility in Downers Grove as another contribution to the sport and celebrates his mentorship of the most recent & memorable IHSA State Champions with his now 40-year mantra:


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