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Did you know that the concepts in much of your performance this past season was originally introduced by SuperCDA founder, Derek A. Ramel?

His contributions and innovations date back to the mid-80s & early-90s when a handful of creative souls took the blank canvas of our sport and laid the visual foundation of what many enjoy now.

Specifically here in Illinois & the Midwest, Derek was the first to provide professional choreography for hire. He was the innovator of the fast-paced style we continue to replicate today as well as the first to incorporate highly complex visual effects.  Even stunts and transitions that have been recycled with contemporary names were already introduced decades ago by original artists like D.

If it sparks your curiosity to work directly with Illinois' original innovator, please contact us to schedule your 1:1w/D. | 847-975-5500

Even if it is only a one day visit or pre/post-choreo session, that valuable time could turn out to be the most enlightening experience for YOU as it was for the hundreds he has mentored who have passed through the coaching, choreography and officiating ranks.

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